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At Tindall Road Brewery, our hand-crafted concoctions are more than just deliciously satisfying.  Each beer has its own unique story to go along with its unique favor. 
Citra Pale Ass Down- Pale Ale
Award-Winning Dry-Hopped Crisp Pale Ale. With its high drink-ability and satisfying taste, you'll find yourself asking for more!

Alc. 6.0% / IBUs 30

Nut Brown Ale

Mild English style nut brown Ale.  Well balanced with chocolate and roasted malts.


Alc. 5.3% / IBUs 23

Dan's Double.jpg
Dan's Double IPA
Pow, right in the kisser!  Well-balanced IPA brewed to perfection with Summit, Centennial, Citra, & Amarillo hops.

Alc. 7.8% / IBUs 123

         Dan's Double and The Dead Trojan Disaster
Cardboard Classic 2017.  Why were we going down a mountain in a giant Trojan Horse penis sled?  Anyway, one lonely soldier decided that the best place to ride would be in the right ball sack, and not safely in the shaft like the others. About halfway down the slope, the testy came loose and flung the poor sap into a sideline mound of packed ice.  In a stretcher and then in an ambulance ride to the ¨local hospital¨ later, our unlucky sentry had a dislocated shoulder and a bruised ego.  
Copper Feel Ale

ABrilliant copper colored ale that is actually just an amber ale, but copper sounds much fancier.  Roasted malts provide dry, caramel notes.


Alc. 6.0% / IBUs 38

         Is it a Amber? Is it a Brown?  Nope, it´s Copper, Man!
The Copper Ale is our first original style recipe.   
Mango IPA/ Peach IPA

A floral, citrusy  nosed IPA with a smooth mango or peach finish. Very refreshing!


Alc. 6.7% / IBUs 55

  Mango IPA 
This recipe was first created in 2012 to celebrate our niece, Lily´s birth.  Peach and Apricot was later born.
2 Dopes in a Garage Coffee Vanilla Stout
Cold-brewed French roast coffee. Robust flavor with a hint of vanilla.

Alc. 6.6% / IBUs 26

            The Story of 2 Dopes
This is one of our first beers that really inspired us when we drank it.  More specifically when my buddy from down Tindall Road drank it.  I gave him some to drink, and his face lit up and his expressions was unmistakable.  Later, he texted me, saying, " This was really good! It was something good I would expect to buy in a store, not something made by two dopes in a garage"  Damn auto correct, what he meant to type was "two dudes in a garage". At least that's what he said later.  Anyhow, that's how 2 DOPES was born.
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