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Therapy Session Series
 A series of single-hop sensations.  Each batch features a different hop, isolated in it's own glory.  Light, refreshing taste.  Smooth, easy to drink. 

Alc. 4.9% / IBUs  67

Steppenwolf's American Wheat Bier
Generous amounts of flaked wheat, with Willamette & Cascade hops, and Hefeweizen yeast make this American wheat hearty and refreshing. Comes now in Banana, Cherry, Blackberry, and more!

Alc. 6.4% / IBUs 14

New England.jpg
Hazy Recall-New England IPA

Dry-hopped to perfection, a Floral nosed IPA without the
bitter bite in the back.

Alc. 6.8% / IBUs 28

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