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Tindall Road Brewery always has a rotating seasonal brew on tap to add color and variety to our regular menu, year round.  Below are our seasonal selections that will be on tap different times of the year.  
Publick Transportation Suks Porter

Everything but the kitchen sink!  This special ale has notes of brown sugar, juniper berries, fresh ginger, and more.  The specialty grains and other ingredients make this brew a heavy hitter.


Alc. 7.3% / IBUs 39

The Epic Saga Behind Publick Transportation Suks Porter
This gallant quest actually begins at the end of the tale after a long, but victorious day at the Triumph/WMMR Brew Contest.  We find our two heroes heading home (or so they thought) from the trusty train station in Philadelphia P.A., weary, but hungry and in search of a well-deserved meal before departing Penn Station.  Click here to see what happened next!
Johnny Chimpo's Big Banana Wheat
Well-rounded wheat flavor, with an intoxicating banana aroma and a kiss of banana in the back.

Alc. 6.4% / IBUs 14

            Johnny Chimpo's Big Banana Wheat
Want something different in a wheat beer? Try this crowd favorite.
Que Pasa Calabasa Pumpkin Spice Ale

Everything you want in a pumpkin ale without an overpowering pumpkin presence.  With a high ABV and specialty grains, this spiced ale has full bodied flavor.  


Alc. 7.1% / IBUs 35

Santa´s Special Sauce
Nutmeg, orange zest, ginger, cinnamon, and some other festive spices make it this seasonal ale a perfect treat for Santa.

Alc. 6.9% / IBUs 35

        Santa´s Special Sauce- OMG, I Know Him! I Need Him.
Okay, so this is one of those stories you just never live down.  It all started after ## drinks at ¨First & Ten¨ Sports Bar........  Click here to read on
LiKwid Swartz.jpg
Likwid Schwartz

This brew is a well balanced hoppy and sweet creation with notes of brown sugar.  Its high ABV gives this specialty ale a full mouth feel.  


Alc. 8.0% // IBUs 30

         Likwid Schwartz
Another beer created for the WMMR Cardboard Classic. 
Belgian Dark Strong Ale

How can you brew with Belgian malts, Belgian yeast, and Belgian dark candy syrup and not create a Belgian Dark Strong Ale?  Impossible. This earthy beer, with notes of banana and cloves, is light on the hops, but heavy on flavor.


Alc. 10.0% / IBUs 25

            Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Dan always wanted to brew a Belgian for Easter.
Chili Stout.jpg
Espresso Thai Chili Stout
Espresso and Thai Chilies give this perfectly blended stout its robust flavor and a nice heat at the finish.

Alc. 6.6% / IBUs 26

            Bourbon Barrel Aged
Half of this batch always goes into a bourbon barrel for special release!  
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